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This page is for VIP and Premium ticket holders ONLY!

As a VIP or Premium ticket holder, you will have an opportunity to meet a Featured Creator in a small group discussion on Saturday or Sunday! We created this survey to find out which creators you are most interested in meeting. Discussion groups will be assigned based on interest and availability. Every effort will be made to match you to one of your top choices, but we can't make any guarantees.

In order to make your selections, you will need your ticket order number, you can do this by following the instructions below:

1) Go to the website and login. Click on "Tickets"

2) Click on the Open Sauce 2024 Event

3) Click on "Download tickets" and open the PDF

4) Copy the number under the QR code.

(Note - if you purchased multiple tickets, submit a separate form for EACH ticket.)

5) Fill out the form with your choices

OS24 Creator Discussions

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Creator Rankings

  • Aging Wheels
  • Alec Steele
  • Allen Pan
  • Astro Alexandra
  • Backyard Scientist (Kevin)
  • Becky Stern
  • Bobby Duke Arts
  • Breaking Taps
  • Brent Underwood (Ghost Town Living)
  • Brian McManus (Real Engineering)
  • CircleToonsHD
  • CNC Kitchen
  • Code Bullet
  • Cody Hovland
  • Cody's Lab
  • Colin Furze
  • Crescent Shay
  • Daniel Shiffman (The Coding Train)
  • DougDoug
  • Ed March (c90adventures)
  • Emily Graslie
  • Emily The Engineer
  • Engineezy (JBV Creative)
  • Evan and Katelyn
  • Explosions&Fire
  • GingerPale
  • Grady Hillhouse (Practical Engineering)
  • Grant Sanderson (3Blue1Brown)
  • How To Make Everything
  • Integza
  • Ivan Miranda
  • Jabrils
  • Jake Laser (JLaservideo)
  • James Bruton
  • Jeff Geerling
  • Joel Creates
  • Kyle Hill
  • Louis Weisz
  • Luke Lafreniere
  • Luke Muscat
  • Made with Layers (Thomas Sanladerer)
  • Maker's Muse
  • Marius Hornberger
  • Michael Reeves
  • Mr. Volt (DJ Harrigan)
  • Nate From the Internet
  • Nerdforge
  • NightHawkInLight
  • NileRed
  • Peter Brown
  • Peter Sripol
  • Pirate Software
  • Plasma Channel
  • PointCrow
  • PolyMars
  • Project Air
  • Quint BUILDs
  • Rachel Pizzolato
  • Ramy RC
  • rctestflight (Daniel Riley)
  • Rebecca Parham (Let Me Explain Studios)
  • Ruth Amos
  • Sam Meeps
  • Scott Manley
  • Sean Hodgins
  • Strange Parts
  • styropyro
  • Technology Connections
  • The Action Lab
  • Theo (t3․gg)
  • The Primeagen (ThePrimeTime)
  • The Thought Emporium
  • TierZoo
  • Tina Huang
  • Toby Hendy (Tibees)
  • Tyler Bell
  • Unnecessary Inventions
  • Up and Atom
  • Wicked Makers
  • William Osman
  • Winston Moy
  • Wren
  • Zack Freedman